2 cups of coffee

Cooking Time

15 minutes


  • 4 tbsp Ground coffee beans
  • 200ml Boiling water
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Ice cubes
  • Cream

The list below is compiled mostly with help from friends and fellow coffee lovers and are merely suggestive. Feel free to buy your coffee from wherever you like.

Looking to buy coffee grounds/beans?

Stores in Calcutta that sell coffee

  1. If you are planning to buy coffee bean grounds in Calcutta, your best bet is to check out the South Indian grocery stores in the Lake Market—Rashbehari Avenue area. This LBB Kolkata article has compiled a nice list of stores along with their Google Maps locations. This should get you started. Try out a few shops and a few different blends to see what you like best.
  2. Another option is to buy coffee from Cafe Coffee Day. CCD is also a brand from South India, but their pricings are on the higher side. Some of their blends are great and it will still be cheaper than ordering online.

Look for a blend of Peaberry (PB) and Plantation-A coffee beans. If you plan to make filter coffee it is traditionally a mix of coffee and chicory (80:20 is ideal).

Online stores that deliver coffee

If you want to try out some of the newer online sellers, take a look at the ones below. Bear in mind that online coffee prices can be more expensive especially when you take the delivery charges into account.

  1. Blue Tokai—this according to most is one of the best options.
  2. Devan’s
  3. Leo Coffee—traditional South Indian brand
  4. Indian Bean
  5. Cotha’s Coffee—traditional South Indian brand

Recipe Notes


Looking for a coffee filter or coffee glasses and dabara?

Click below to see a list of coffee filters in different sizes, coffee glasses with dabara (the bowl that the coffee glass is served in), coffee grinders, etc. These are affiliate links, meaning if you buy from Amazon using these links, we will earn a small commission. This goes towards running Bong Eats. Thanks!

Serve with

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Coffee Glass/Tumbler with Dabara (set of 6)


Coffee Glass/Tumbler with Dabara (set of 6)

150 ml each glass

South Indian coffee filter

South Indian coffee filter