Every tool you need for the bengali kitchen

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Bengali pantry essentials

A comprehensive guide to setting up a pantry if you want to cook Bengali (or any Indian) food.
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Sago pearls with ripe fleshy summer fruits in this no-cook Bengali snack
Tiny sweetwater mourola fish in a light sweet-sour stew with tart green mangoes—a Bengali fish recipe for hot weather
Sewai (or sev), along with an assortment of dried fruits and nuts, is boiled in milk to produce this rich pudding.
Popular in Bihar, this porota stuffed with roasted chickpea flour is easy to make and a meal on its own.
An exquisite vegetarian polao from the Tagore household laden with pistachio, almonds, raisins and fresh cottage cheese.
Sour and salty quick snack made with boiled potatoes tossed in tamarind, lime and spices—a Calcutta specialty
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