Every tool you need for the bengali kitchen

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Bengali pantry essentials

A comprehensive guide to setting up a pantry if you want to cook Bengali (or any Indian) food.
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A Bengali vegetarian classic of fried lentil cakes, finished in a warm, spicy, ginger-and-cumin laced sauce.
Banana flowers slow roasted in a fiery marinade of mustard, coconuts and green chillies, an East Bengal specialty.
North-India style rich Mughlai korma of chicken braised in ghee, spices and nuts—looks spectacular, but is actually quite quick to make.
Potol (pointed gourd) in a silky sauce with perfumed rice, cashews and raisins—a recipe for special occassions.
Bengali bitter-sweet appetiser of bitter gourd stir-fried with sweet pumpkin; perfect for spring and summer
Tender spring drumsticks stir-fried with ripe pumpkins in this light, mildly sour Bengali recipe.
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