Every tool you need for the bengali kitchen

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Bengali pantry essentials

A comprehensive guide to setting up a pantry if you want to cook Bengali (or any Indian) food.
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Chhanar Payesh
This kheer/payesh is delicious and much easier and quicker to make than regular rice dessert/pudding.
Pressure-cooker Mutton Curry
Bengali mutton curry, cooked in a pressure cooker, with tender pieces of meat and potatoes, and a light, flavourful broth.
Tandoori Pomfret
Tender, flaky pomfret fish grilled with Indian 'tandoori' spices.
Moolor Ghonto
This radish preparation is best made with slender, red winter radishes, and goes well with both rice and rooti.
Moog Puli
This deep-fried moog dal pitha is nutty and crunchy on the outside with a rich coconut and jaggery filling inside.
Choshir Payesh
Tiny, handmade, spindle-shaped rice-flour dumplings cooked in milk
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