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Bengali pantry essentials

A comprehensive guide to setting up a pantry if you want to cook Bengali (or any Indian) food.
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Shutki machh bata
This spicy dried-fish recipe is perfect for anyone looking for an accessible gateway into the delicious world of shutki.
Paat shaak bhaja
Delicious Bengali dish of tender jute leaves that are in season during summer and monsoon months—stir-fried with diced red pumpkins
Echorer dalna
Unripe jackfruit and potatoes braised in spices
Neem Jhol
Neem leaves serve as the bitter element in this hearty Bengali stew of drumstick, sweet potato and other summer veggies.
Bhetki paturi
Four interesting variations on this popular Bengali recipe of Bhetki fish fillets steamed in banana leaf parcels
Murgir Lal Jhol
An easy fiery red chicken curry made with a handful of ingredients—perfect with rice or rooti
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