Every tool you need for the bengali kitchen

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Bengali pantry essentials

A comprehensive guide to setting up a pantry if you want to cook Bengali (or any Indian) food.
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An exquisite vegetarian polao from the Tagore household laden with pistachio, almonds, raisins and fresh cottage cheese.
Sour and salty quick snack made with boiled potatoes tossed in tamarind, lime and spices—a Calcutta specialty
Okra quickly stir-fried and coated in a creamy-pungent Bengali mustard-poppy sauce. Our favourite okra recipe!
A Bengali vegetarian classic of fried lentil cakes, finished in a warm, spicy, ginger-and-cumin laced sauce.
Banana flowers slow roasted in a fiery marinade of mustard, coconuts and green chillies, an East Bengal specialty.
North-India style rich Mughlai korma of chicken braised in ghee, spices and nuts—looks spectacular, but is actually quite quick to make.
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